Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive

Hi everyone. I would like to share with you a calm tour through Barcelona on-board the Corolla.

Because of the music copyright, image rights and other Spanish laws, this video will not be uploaded publicly. If you want to see the video, contact me in order to share with you the link. If I do not know you, please accept my apologises to not allow you to see it.

For the rest of you I hope you enjoy!

Migatte no Gokui

There are always some personages who shines and performs over the rest. People that are never satisfied by the present and look forward to grow and improve in each one of his projects. Like Goku and Vegeta surpasses themselves training and fighting every enemy, there is today a MotoGP biker that surpasses himself every time he rides his Honda. The culture of effort is the doctrine I admire and I work hard every day to follow that and accomplish my projects. But when I saw an extremely talented rider fighting to be the best, training, looking for the limits at every single Free Practice he competes, I also obtain pleasure and it is massively enjoyable to watch. Last Friday night I landed at the Barcelona airport. And my lover was there, waiting for me with our hachiroku. Ready to go see him win the crown in Cheste. We drove all the four hundred km over midnight. Cutting the air with the shiny red angles with the TwinCam breathing alive between 4 and 5 thousand rpm.

And here we were. After…

Barcelona sunrise

Good morning everyone!

As you see I have changed the name of the blog. "Eurohachiroku" never sounds really well for me and I looked for something which was not 100% related on that car.

Why red wine? Well it is obvious, the good things are the mature things, and "good wine" was already taken. Although, include white wine in the good meaning it is quite optimistic. Don’t you think? As we always said, white wine is for fish but red wine is for human beings... And, what a coincidence, red is the colour of my 86 too!

In a clearly second position on the important things list, I am planning to come back to Barcelona.

First circuit promenade

Hot day, a blaze down sun over the Bages región in mid Catalonia and a circuit only for my 86.
This could be perfectly the prologue for a disaster narration but it is not. Which follows is a training session in Can Padro circuit with a rally pilot instructor. Which I think, is the greatest solution for a begginer like me.
There are two circuits in Barcelona region apart from the F1 international Montmelo; Castelloli and its magnificent Parcmotor with a 4.1km rollercoaster circuit and the little Can Padro.

Can Padro is a short 2.5km circuit in a large facility wich incluedes 4x4 terrains, slippery zones, indoor zones, a lake for maritime training, an emergency training zone and much more.

It is really a circuit with an authentical caché. The long circuit is trully a rally stage on a wider track. There is no possibility to rest a part from its 300m straight line. The rest has all kind of corners, crests, flip flop sections and plenty of traps. But it is not the route we took all day. …


New update this time during the holidays. Two weeks of summer break!
I have been thinking about the rush I impose myself last time. I was pressed to change some things in the car but I lost the sense of pleasure and emotion why I bought the 86. Even on the elevator the car putted a smile on my face but not the way I prefered.

It is time to profit the car. To know him better and to drive. So I will focus enjoy driving with less planning this time.

This July has been beautiful in Barcelona. The city is plenty of life on summer. She has every terrace open to enjoy the sun with a cold beer, a good conversation and the great views of every light and fresh shape you can spot. Even if she has suffering the same success of the great European capitals, she can conserve some corners without the, almost always noisy and more often than we like, drunk tourists.

Someone could say that we are now tourists. Not by the fact I am not living in Barcelona nowadays. It could be possible to say that if we o…

Rubber choice

Hello everyone! Happy to write you again. I have been really busy in my job and I cannot went to Barcelona more than once this month. But I did it and I start making some changes. So follow me for more curiosities of this 86! During this weeks it was not easy at all to forget the sound of a good twincam making ordinary engines every day. But someone has to do it and I need euros to pay gasoline! And the wonders of my lover...
I have been thinking about to start my comprehension of the car with its original tires. It is not a matter of taste and romanticism of the original shape of the car, I want to know the weak points of the chassis without the criticism of the semi-slicks. And to be clear, I love the look of the white Braid 8 series.
So I change the Braid wheels on Yokohama Advans for the original 14 inch Toyota rims and I bought a set of new Toyo Proxes CF2. Normal rubber for a normal car! How weird is that?

The choice of the Toyo's was not really tricky. They are massively used …


Hey, welcome to this small blog about my AE86 history!

I am going to start to present myself; I am an automotive engineer who live and works in Paris and I am an absolute passionate about cars, vehicles and every kind and propulsion systems.
This blog will speaks about my hachiroku life. In short entries I am going to explain my new history with that machine which makes me feel alive every time I see it and start it up.

This 2017 I decided to buy a Corolla Coupe GT. Why? Because is one of my 5 favorite cars from all time and the first car I have ever driven on GT. From that day when I was just a child I want it I follow it and I admire the affordable sports car Toyota created on the 80's.

How I found it? Well, on the internet there is a couple of it, but none of those are practically standard or in no rust conditions. And the ones which are in good shape in continental Europe are extremely expensive. So, taking advantage of the particular marriage the Canary Islands have with Toyota,…